The New South Park Episodes

I dont know if anyone has seen the new South Park episode that aired yesterday, called China Probrem, but it was absolutely fucking aweful. I only cracked a smile one time and it wasnt because of the show. The episode was about 2 different things. One was Butters and Cartman trying to take down the Chinese by finding out what their invasion plan of America is, but they dont find it because they dont try and invade, Butters has a habit to shoot people in the balls with a gun, which results in Cartman getting pissed at him. Although Butters looked pretty funny, there was absolutely no funny dialogue in that part. The second part was even worse. The new Indiana Jones movie comes out and in the movie, Indiana gets raped. After Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Jimmy, and Clyde see this, they try to sue George Lucas and Steven Spielberg who aparently "raped" him. They ended up putting them in jail, but it wasnt funny at all.

Everyone was talking about how they are ashamed of how bad this new South Park season 12 is, but this was one of the worst episodes in the season, if not the worst. Its disappointing because South Park had fantastic seasons for 1-9, 10 was very funny as well, and then something happened because 11 was crap and 12, so far, is absolutely horrendous. I dont know what Trey Parker and Matt Stone are doing, but it seems the more episodes they make, the worse they get. It makes me ashamed to have my username, BrownNoise, a tribute to a great South Park episode, World Wide Recorder Concert, talk so well about South Park. Im just overall really pissed off at the quality of the recent South Park episodes. Let me know what you think.

Uploaded 10/09/2008
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