The Newest BIG question of the day.

Today i want to hear how you would convince your Sceptic girlfriends to have a threesome..By any means.... Threats ,promises ,lies and bribes. Remember  Try To be crazy , or wacky... Even crazy... Offend people.... Have fun ... So here is the question


What arguement would you use to convince your signifigant other to have a threesome???


Ok as allways i will give it a shot....

Please dont make me bury you in the yard. I dont ask for much often, But if you do not agree to this , I will Send your sex organs to your local butcher and have them made into sausages .I will then send them to your family.... After they have been consumed I will laugh.... Or I could be a better person.....A realy neato kinda guy who gives back rubs and foot rubs and has little to no balls..... Or i could get you drunk... Do you like Alchohol???? I have some... You can have some if you want....I am glad you enjoyed that Now I have a question i want to ask ect....

Wtf blue you didnt leave? Damn man .... Ok well you didnt leave so thats good i guess. You can continue blogging.... Like me....

Good luck people The most fucked up Answer gets the cookie!!! Its got Nuggets!!

MAtt the leader of small mamals and house wives. formerly zombies ..I ate em..

Uploaded 11/30/2008
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