The next Dominus Contest

This one has a 'real' prize. Last time around the winner (straightjacketgrl) failed to collect her prize...which was simply a truthful answer to any question she wanted about me. But I figured, maybe some better prize this

Below are several fairly outlandish (but still possible) things about me. They could be true, or they could be false. However, this time, since there is an odd number of them you can't just win by saying 'all are true' or 'all are false'. You have to tell me which are which. The most number of correct answers wins...

Well, look at the statements first...

1 He has written (and ghost written) for nationally syndicated publications.

2 He actually dated one of his sex-ed professors while he was in college, and taking the class.

3 He is a fervent Atheist, and has contributed to two books on the topic.

4 He has two tattoos, one symbolizing himself and the other symbolizing his wife.

5 He has made an oath of protection to a prince of the Middle Kingdom.

6 He is a Gold Circle member of the NRA.

7 He sometimes experiences uncontrolled vomiting.

8 His family founded the town of Yarmouth.

9 Having played World of Warcraft since it's creation, his character is now in the top 7.

10 He once held it for so long when he got to a toilet he urinated for 5 minutes, 35 seconds non-stop.

11 He was pulled in 'off the street' for a last minute speaking part in a play.

12 His stained glass artwork is displayed in six churches and one restaurant in Philadelphia.

13 When he was a teen, he scarred his hands because he was a huge H.P.Lovecraft fan.

The person who gets the most answers right will get a chance to be included in a major artwork. No kidding...complete details given to the winner. Good luck. And if anyone knows why straightjacketgrl never collected, fill me in. That woman is trouble.

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