The night I killed someone.

After much deliberation, I've decided to relive the night I killed someone. I hope you enjoy this as much as it terrifies me.


It was cold that night. Very, very cold. Way too cold. We even made the news because it was unnaturally cold for Central Flordia.


I was driving home from a late dinner with my grandparents. After driving 45 minutes to meet them, I was ready to just sit down and relax. Work had been killer. 95 hours in two weeks usually does it. Especially when you're up at the ass crack of dawn.


I must have gone this way home over 1000 times. It shaved off at least five minutes out of my time. The only downside was it was behind a shopping plaza; not very well lit and sure as hell not very well watched. I pulled around the corner and saw the car sitting there. The first thing I noticed was it had its reverse lights on. A strange sight considering he had no head lights on and he was sitting in an area that the street lights didn't cover. This should have been a warning sign huh?


He timed it damn well; I'll give him that. The second my front fender was behind him he gunned the gas. Looking back I guess I could say I heard the glass break and the plastic bumper crack, but I don't remember that happening. Maybe it is because I know what both of those sound like that I can remember it. No idea. What I do know is that it happened way too fast. Shocked, I look around to see two black guys jumping out of the car. Shouting incoherently, one of them rushed to my door, jerked it open, and tried to rip me out of the front seat. Luckily, my seat belt stopped me. Unluckily, for me, this one had a knife. He cut the seat belt fast and I flew onto the concrete. He hit me..hard. By this time the adrenaline was pumping. He came to hit me again and that's when the training kicked in. I rolled and he missed. In an instant, I was on my feet ready for him again. I chanced a glance at his friend and saw him ransacking my car. This pissed me off even more.


The one who ripped me out of my car moved to attack again. I dodged his punch and landed one to his ribs. I guess I hit harder than I thought; he dropped his knife. He swung again, a right hook. It connected and this dude could hit hard. After two, I'm feeling the pain pulsing through my skull. When I recoiled from the hit, I felt something on my thigh. Hard metal pressing against my jeans. My pocket knife that I take everywhere with me. I snatched it out of my pocket as he swung again, a left hook this time. I ducked underneath it and got behind him. Before I knew what I was doing, the knife was plunged hilt deep in between his ribs. He screamed extremely loud and started to struggle. I grabbed him around the neck and literally felt the life leaving his body. His breathing quickened while his body slowed down. His friend saw what had happened and ran.


I let him go and continued my hold on the one who was attacking me. After what seemed like an eternity I felt his lungs let out their last breath. His body went limp, really limp. He was very heavy. I let him drop and he fell like an iron balloon. I stood there, blood dripping from my hands. I heard sirens in the distance and looked around me. Apparently people heard the crash/struggle and peaked out from the back of the Panera we were near and called the cops. A crowd gathered and watched flabbergasted. The cops screeched to a halt and jumped out of their car. Guns drawn the screamed "drop that knife". It fell from my hands, clinking to the ground. They surrounded me and slapped a pair of handcuffs on me. I was thrown into the backseat and told not to move.....

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