The Nonsense Story.


The sun was hot, I knew my day would suck. My best friend, (who I hated), was gone to Greece. I  wasn't self confident due to my daily beatings, but the weather was good and I had a couple of bucks in my pocket.

I decided to go for a walk through the park. I saw the girl I had the hots for, sitting on a blanket with a boy I did not know.  He was a swell fella, so I just said hello. The young lady I felt affection for, was crying. I can't remember why? I made some jokes, she laughed through the tears. She commented how I always made her laugh, I felt good about that, but I knew she wanted to be alone with her new friend so I moved on.

I walked up the man made hill, that one night while I was  on acid turned into a hill of black snakes. I think I smoked two packs of cigarettes on that hill in six hours.
I recalled, a few years earlier, how my best friend, (who I hate), put a sign about fifty yards away on a tree of honey bees, indicating a beehive.

Earlier that week, I managed to snag a pellet rifle from the local Canadian Tire by walking out with it. The rifles were on the shelves but the pellets were in the showcase. A dollar later we were fully armed.

My friend and I waited on top of the hill  for some suckers to approach our trap. Three boys saw our sign, picked up some rocks and started to attack the nest. My friend yelled out to them to stop. They just ignored him, that's when he laid down the hammer and started to pick them off one at a time. Those poor boys were trapped like shit in a blanket.

I told my friend, to stop, but he was a psychopath, I grabbed the rifle and told the boys to run.
They disappeared into the forest.

The Friend I mentioned is now a wealthy musician who I used to get hammered and jammed with, I truly loved him as a friend when I was easily influenced. I am jealous of his wealth, but pity his soul.

Who the fuck wears a wristwatch anymore?

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