The Not So Fat Chick.

My wife's a good looking gal; long blonde hair, athletic, green-gray eyes... and sometimes I wish she wasn't so attractive.

2 reasons:

1. Girls who are attractive never appreciate what they have.  They tend to be snobby and conceded.  Being attractive is something the fat chicks would die for.  Despite this, they are still overly obsessed with every little wrinkle, hair, spot, and freckle on their entire body.  This leads to days of absolute disaster because she ran out of the right makeup.  Couple that with a 28 day cycle that lasts 27 days and I can do no right.  Compliments become sarcasm.  Presents become bribes. Ancient history becomes the present. Peace becomes War...

2. Every guy that they see tries to get in their pants.  They could be 14, or 74.  It does not matter.  Think of every guy you see in the course of a day between 14 and 74.  Take 1% of that and figure thats about how many guys will force sex somehow.  It becomes a real threat.  That seemingly friendly guy will act different when I'm not around, saying things that they know I would beat the shit out of them for saying.  Luckily my wife is 100% upfront about every little inicident and I trust her 100%, but the threat is constant.  We've even shopped for a gun to keep by the bed because of one guy, though I eventually opted for a baseball bat.

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