The Number Of The Beast.

Tomlet likes to exaggerate about my reaction to current events as though I am a fully induced conspiracy theorist. I know he is just trying to ring my bell.  It's quite common if one questions the direction of government or what the establishment and scientists recommend for the community at large. The thing about government, the establishment and the scientific community as compared to people who question their recommendations, is that they are funded, propagandized and "Peered reviewed".  The individual is left to their own abilities to wade through the swamp of bullshit. Oh and bullshit it is!

Earlier today I was alarmed at how children's lives at school would be monitored by finger scans. From when they arrive to what they eat and any other activity  they may take part in, would be recorded and scrutinized by a computer data base.

This evening I approached my wife who works in Administration at the Ottawa Catholic School Board to get her opinion on the finger scans. Of course, any technology that makes her job easier she was all up for. She often complained about how many teachers neglect their attendance or fail to send it down.

I then explained to her how the scan and library book scenario would work. If this doesn't concern people in the teaching profession, I do not know what ever will!

Today the Director of Education and the Principal held an administration meeting. They were excited and enthusiastic about the information they were about to share.  The library for the top three high schools are going to receive an extra thirty thousand dollars in funding. This would provide for approximately twenty new laptops and desks within the libraries.

To make room for the facilities the remaining bookshelves and the books would be removed.
That's right, libraries without books. All that would remain would be approximately twenty computer stations and forty laptops. With a student population of about seventeen hundred, not much of a library.

Two employees work in the library, the librarian earning 90K plus teachers benefits and retirement package that would make a sociopath blush and a library technician earning close to 50 K with the same benefit package.

Yea, I'm a paranoid conspiracy theorist because I don't accept this bullshit! Give me a break!
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