The Obama Interrogation


Once upon a time I had to force information out of Barack Obama. I dressed up as the new Obama bus driver and picked him up.  When the Obama saw the bus he was a little confused of why the bus came to pick him up and not the limo.  I told him I needed the extra room so I could fit Oprah on the bus. Zing! Obama got on the bus and off we went.  Obama began to question why I missed the turn to the inauguration.  Before any president has an inauguration there has to be an interrogation.  I put Obama into a dark room with one light and I tied his arms behind a chair. By the way Obama has really soft hands mmmmm. Anyways! I began with his catch phrases "yes we can."  Why would he say such a phrase?  Could this phrase be his key to get the youth of America to vote!?  The truth did come out.  Bob the Builder has been saying "yes we can" for the past nine seasons.  "Yes we can" was Bob's answer to the question can he can fix it?  Obama finally admitted that he did still steal the catch phrase. Bob the Builder bust down the door full of rage.  True story I swear.  Let me just say there is going to be change to America and Bob started this change with Obama's face.  It wasn't pretty.  Bob started to get tired so he called in his Italian friend to finish him off.  Gino the Concreter "can he fix it? Less for cash."  I couldn't take much more of this violence so I put a stop to it.  Eventually Obama did agree to pay Bob $200 every time he says "yes we can."  I cleaned up Obama and drove him to the Inauguration and told him to act like nothing happened.  He played it off quiet well.  Next time I hope to get a little bit of alone time with his wife. Hubba, hubba hubba!!!

Uploaded 01/21/2009
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