The Obvious Choice part 2

All of this, just points back to one simple question that you have to ask.  If you are a slave no matter which path you take, would it have been better to just take the blue pill to begin with? 


The grass being greener on the other side is a phrase that perfectly sums up this entire story. When first given the red pill blue pill choice, the events that lead up to it only makes the mystery of what is on the other side so alluring, that you will always choose to continue through the looking glass and into wonderland. However, what you are immediately met with is waking up plugged in then enduring the pain and confusion of being unplugged and flushed into a sewer, then picked up and enduring weeks of surgery and rehabilitation just to get to a point where you can function. Once you are to a point where you can function and grasp this new reality, you are going to be in a boring and paranoid existence where all you can do is go back into the matrix with cheat codes. Because there is no longer any vegetation or wildlife you are stuck eating what can only be described as nutrient slop to keep you alive while you are outside of the matrix. Also you will be completely paranoid at all times because around every single corner are giant machines with sharp parts which exist only to murder humans in the worst imaginable ways. This extends from your new reality back into the matrix because you are going to be pursued by entities within the matrix which have the same cheat codes you now have only they use them better than you and the only thing you can do is run away. This reality is viewed as a resistance that every single one of them chose to jump into, but in reality the choice was given by the machines who know that no matter what happens, nothing happens.


The blue pill choice however, you wake up in your home, pretend it was all just a dream, and continue to live your life. Can you do cool flips and face kicks, can you dodge bullets and fly, no, but then you never would have a reason to as you would just be in the illusion that is the matrix. But nobody will ever make that choice, because when the choice is given, neither path is ever shown to the person making the choice. You only know what was behind you and you can only look in two directions never seeing what is behind the curtain that perpetually moves in front of your face. The closest you get are the small glimpses as the curtain swishes from side to side as you walk forwards down your path. You never see the full picture and therefore you never make the obvious choice. That sums up life pretty well I think, you never know where you are going until you get there and by then you can only look back and speculate on what could have been had you taken the blue pill.


This brings us back to the perpetual shade of gray that plays the largest part in everything, and leaves all of you to just fill in the blanks.


As always and until next time.


This has been a moment from Godlib


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