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Yeah, I'm still alive. I mentioned in a comment earlier that EBW is now (finally) blocked from DoD computers (department of defense... government and military computers, aka the computer at my work) so I wouldn't be around much anymore. My apologies to those who enjoy my musings, or my penchant for making chumps out of the occasional e-moron. 


What brought me back was a recent story in Afghanistan. I'm home now, and thus don't intend to stay on the computer for long, but I thought some of you might get a kick out of this.


A platoon on patrol in Afghanistan happened to come near to a place where some high level terrorist leaders were meeting. They hit a few small ambushes... and then one big one. There were 30 Marines on the patrol, and the terrorists were reported to number in the area of 250. That's right. 250. They were outnumbered more than 8 to 1. Over the course of the battle nearly 200 RPG's were fired on the Marines, along with mortars, grenades, endless machine gun fire (both light and heavy) etc etc etc.


Now, who can tell me what happens when you surround a Marine patrol with such overwhelming numbers and firepower? If you need a hint, open up some history books and take a look at virtually every time in history that it's ever happened.


So you may have guessed... the results of the ambush were absolutely devastating....... for the terrorists. The patrol sustained one injury and NO fatalities. Meanwhile, the terrorists sustained something in the area of 50 dead and god knows how many injured, and were driven from the battlefield... by 30 Marines. 


One Corporal, who was not identified at in the article at the request of the unit (I hope to find out who this guy is eventually) was observed singlehandedly killing 20 of the enemy. Later on, upon conducting an ammo count to determine how many rounds were spent, he had 10 rounds remaining in his 30 round magazine. Do the math. He scored 20 kills... with 20 shots. He didn't miss a single shot... and every time he fired, somebody died. Ever heard the expression, "The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle"? Yeah. That's why.


So I thought some of you might like to know that we do still like to remind the bad guys from time to time, exactly who the fuck they're dealing with. No wonder our enemies have historically ordered their men to avoid engaging the Marines whenever possible. 

Uploaded 12/19/2008
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