The Office Girl and the Wife

Here comes Heather again, he said under his breath. It was 3:30 pm and time for her daily round. She would wander through his section, delivering packages or messages. Some times her message was simply that she had no message. He wasnt sure if she did this for everyone or not. But she was always pleasant, always smiled. Unlike his wife, who seemed to have a permanent frown for the last 8 years.

Heather was pushing 40, but she wore it well. And her visits were always the highlight of Matts otherwise grinding, slow, painful day. He looked forward to the encounters like one looks forward to a tall glass of ice water after a couple hours in the hot sun. Her visits were always to short, so he was pleasantly surprised today when she seemed to be loitering at the door a little longer.

Sorry, no message, no gifts.

Thats O.K. your smiling face is gift enough.

Oh, your so kind, you should give my husband some pointers on how to treat a girl.

As pretty as you are? I cant imagine that he wouldnt follow you around like a puppy.

Oh stop. No he doesnt follow me around, Im not sure he even remembers were married. He is hardly ever home anymore. I cant remember last time we went out or did anything together. I feel more like a maid than a wife. You know, the other day he

Whoa, Think I hit a nerve here, he thought. Matt looked across the isle and saw neb nose Peterson ease dropping on the whole thing. I dont want to interrupt but it sounds like you have a lot on your mind. Would you like to meet up after work and talk?

You know what that would be great, you want to meet at Gregorys Pub, about a quarter after 5.


Matt was taken back by how the whole thing unfolded. what just happened here, he thought. O. K., Just relax, your just two coworkers having some drinks after work, no big deal. He thought of calling his wife to let her know he would be late. But she probably would be late herself anyway. She seemed to enjoy hanging out with the girls rather than him lately. And if she was home they would usually end up in an argument about what to make for dinner or where to go or who knows what.

So it was 5:15 when Matt sat down at the bar and ordered a shot and a beer. And 5:20 when he ordered the second beer. At 5:30 came the third and he started to think he better slow down a little. 5:45 and Matt was starting to feel a little stupid. I guess Im getting stood up. This is just like something my wife would do. Are women all just thoughtless or are the deliberately manipulative and cruel. Its not like she couldnt have just call and said, Hey I cant make it.

Just then Heather sat down, hey sorry Im late, Frank needed to see me right after work, you know how he is, talk talk talk. Matt regrouped, your not that late, no biggy. Matt order her a beer. Hey wheres my shot, I have to catch up, better make it two shots. Heather downed her drinks while chit chatting about the office. Finally Matt said, So you were saying your marriage could use a tune up. A tune up! More like a complete over haul! But I dont want to think about that now, lets get a six pack and have a private party, I know the perfect place.

10 minutes later Matt followed Heather into the parking lot of some obscure Motel that looked like it might have been a Howard Johnsons at one time. They got out of there cars, Wow, the Super Sleep, I never even knew this place was here. I know, said Heather, like I said, the perfect place. Once they got inside they exchanged some general comments about the relative un-scankyness of the room. Then Heather blurted out why dont you just kiss me. Matt was at the perfect state of inebriation, still functional but his judgment was on holiday. So it wasnt long until Heathers clothing were on the floor and Matt was working over her nipples with his fingers and tongue. He started to beat up the little man in the boat for about thirty seconds or so when Heather blurted out another gem, Oh god Just fuck me. She fell back on the bed legs spread wide. Matt was about to pull down his boxers when he stopped cold. I I I cant do this, I cant, Im so sorry I just cant. What the fuck, Come on! Heather howled. Im really sorry but I LOVE my wife I just cant. Matt hastily dressed and bolted out the door.

Suddenly it was all clear to Matt. He had to go home and sit down with his wife and tell her how he felt. They had to start over. He practiced his speech as he raced home, Trying to warp time with his mind, it was so crucial to tell his wife of his epiphany. Honey I know I havent always been the best husband. I know we have had or differences and difficulties in the past. But I pledge to you from this day forward to be a new man, to try harder, to love you more each day. And if you meet me half way, I know we can make this marriage the one we always dreamed of. It sounded good.

His heart was in his throat as he wheeled into the drive. What if she isnt home , is that a sign, an omen? But as the garage door opened he saw her car and let out a sigh. He stepped into the kitchen and saw her sitting at the dinning room table. Im so glad your home honey, I have something to talk to you about, Matt said. I have something to say too, I should go first. Remember Greg, the guy that sold us the carpeting for the bedroom six months ago. He and I have been having an affair. Im leaving you Matt. I dont want to get into a big discussion, I wrote this letter, it should explain everything. She handed him an envelope and hurried out the door. Matt walked over to the sofa and plopped down. Son of a bitch, a carpet salesman? He looked at the envelope, thought about opening it, but just tossed onto the coffee table. He watched as it slide across the table, teetered on the edge and then fell to the floor. He sat back and let out a huge sigh. Hmm, I wonder if Heather is still at the motel?

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