The old days

I have been visiting this site for a long time now, I don't really contribute alot asside from witty comments and bad spelling.

However my story begins at the same stage as many others. I started at the jokes section, every once and a while there was something funny buried in the tedious yo mamma jokes, but after a while i got sick of the constant 'first' 'lame' 'old' commets and became a feature whore.

One day after logging on i noticed something i hadn't noticed befor. A blog. This blog confused and frightened me, alass curiosity got the better and i opened the blog page to discover a whole new side of EBW. Matts (Maiorano84's) blog on Kung Fu cab drivers had me laughing my ass off. Then after this amazing discovery I became addicted i came home each day to read the latest blogs of Bluenote, Ellimem, Maiorano, WhyNot, Kittyhasclaws and Meatlocker.

Times pasted by and new people came and i got to witness the CailenMP crisis, and read the wonderfull, sometimes scarey rantings of Dirtysanchez. I still visited the Feature page for Caturday and De-motivational posters, however after a while everything slowed down and stopped.

The blogs went from 2 pages a day to one and then slowely to half. The names we had all grown to respect disapeared, some got banned, some got married, and some just moved on with their life.

There are still some worth while blogs out there, but this site has changed for the worst. I miss the old days, but somehow i truely believe they are not coming back.


This blog is dedicated to the old names. However it doesn't do them justice, but it's how i feel.

Uploaded 12/13/2008
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