The Olympics - Are You Serious?

It's hilarious how something like the Olympics became popular around the world and is socially accepted. I guess most people are too stupid to know what the Olympics were actually about. 

The Olympics were public orgies started by the Greeks, the same people who invented homosexuality. But wait, what does swimming, gymnastics and biking have to do with gayness and orgies? The today's Olympics are basically sport competitions, but the name was taken from the gay fests that took place in Greece centuries ago.

What were the original Olympics? There was no sports like ping pong there. All Olympic competitions had to be contact sports. All the contestants competed naked. They usually oiled their skin. Another thing is all the contestants were male. Then we have the competitions like wrestling (naked, oiled up men cuddling and grinding their rods against each other), running (with ding dongs flopping in the air) and masturbation.

When you watch today's wrestling, you might ask yourself a question "what are the rules and why does the wrestlers try to pin each other to the ground?" The original wrestling had a referee, but his role was not to count off the pinned opponent when he's on the ground. That wasn't necessary. The original wrestling's rules were simply... to pin the opponent to the ground and insert your erect penis into his anus. The referee stepped in if the winning wrestler continued to rape his opponent longer than the rules allowed.

I have no idea why something as disgusting as the Olympics could become a world celebration. Why not name it World's Greatest Athletes or some shit like that. Does it have to use the name of an ancient gay orgy?

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