The P word!

No, I'm not talking about pregnant, although my fiancee' is slightly late.  I'm talking about the other "p" word... PMS!

I haven't had a girlfriend or significant other with whom I've had to worry about this problem with for 28 years.  Most of them had hysterectomies or some other such period reducing procedures or conditions.  Now that I'm with someone who is young enough to have such a problem, you can imagine my fear of having to deal with this again.  After all, the "time of the month" isn't a man's favorite time of the month.

Having been married before, I have experience with this, though, and have at times advised young men on the hazards they may face during this time.  Some, though, refuse to learn.

Of course, not all women are quite as extreme during this time as some of my exes have been.  Luckily, my current woman doesn't display the symptoms that some did... such as smashing my head in with a frozen breakfast burrito for having had the gall to say "good morning" or threatening to go Lorena Bobbit on me while Aunt Flo was visiting.  Still, having been through such extreme cases, the sulkiness and moodiness makes me tremble and wonder when I might be clubbed in the head by a bat when I least expect it.  Old experiences die hard.

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