The Party

I was perhaps twenty years old at the time, attending college and someone I met invited me to a party not far from my home. I was from a different city and had few friends in my new home town. I was excited that someone had invited me to a party, as I was feeling quite lonely since I was now living in a new city. In my previous life I knew hundreds of people and literally knew people every where I went.  This new life was new to me but I had to adopt quickly.

It was not easy for me, but who gives a shit? I was at this party to which I brought a five gram vile of hash oil. It cost me sixty five dollars at the time and I shared it all with the people at the party. They all smoked it rapidly and I just dissolved into the tapestry.

It may have been a costume party, I'm not sure, but I wore a cap my father gave me from the French revolution. Through the shield I placed a cocktail sword. It was about three inches long and looked quite menacing pinned into my cap.

At this party a table was placed in front of the fridge, two angry young men with large buck knives monitored people placing beer into the fridge and consuming it.  At some point a girl ran through the back door screaming, " he is going to kill me". I immediately took control of the doorway  and stood guard. This menacing dude came at me, yelling his fool head off, complaining of his girlfriend screwing around on him.  I tried to explain to him that we are all just people trying to find our own way and that if you really love her and she really loves you, things would work out.  I knew his ranting would upset the  neighbors so I brought him into the apartment.

He pulled a knife on me and told me to get the fuck out of the way. I told him I couldn't do that because his girl friend was scared and if he wanted her back then he should find a better way.
He became confused, looked at my cap with the sword through the shield and asked me what it meant. I told him it had no meaning. He got spooked and he drove off on his motorcycle.

A few minutes later  the cops show up. I went outside to talk with them and explain the disturbance was the results of a lovers quarrel and everything was OK now.  Satisfied they leave.

I look for the girl who's boy friend was overbearing, to see how she is doing. I sit down beside her and ask her if she is OK?  She tells me to "fuck Off you fucking asshole". Most people at the party hear her and in turn hate me. Confused I return to the now empty kitchen with one guy guarding the fridge with a Bowie knife. He stands up, slams the knife on the table, opens the fridge, hands me a beer, and says, " I don't care what anybody says, you are coolest person I ever met, the fridge is yours".  I took a couple of beers, went out the back door and walked home.
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