The past always comes back to get you.............always.

I was thinking the other day about when I was a kid we would sit as a family and read the names of the dead and wounded from the Vietnam war. I am sure it wasn't but TV dinner's were made for this, we would sit with our little aluminum trays and watch for the names of people we all knew. During this time it seemed like somebody you knew or someone in the next town over was losing their son/daughter. It is hard to explain that in the middle of all this death family ties grew stronger and people from the next town over now were your friends due to the hardships and heartbreaks you all shared. Dinner time became a ritual that you went through and be happy when it was a good day.

There was another type of thing that was going on and that was young people getting involved in politics. Right before or right after the death notices you would get to see what the anti-war people were up to and you could hear "damn hippies" and other off color comments. But you see this was the radicals who were causing all the noise and were setting off bombs. But you see right in the middle of this was the Young people who were doing their peaceful marches and they were getting noticed for their hard work. They had a message and people were paying attention and they were getting through to the older generation. I still remember how proud I was of these people, during this time I was only 13 but it had an effect on me. I remember soldiers coming home and watching people spit on them and call them baby killer's and how I was ashamed of my generation and the next day it would start again. This was a difficult time in our history and there was plenty of blame to go around and also plenty of radicals who are now what we like to refer to as upstanding young citizens because although they may not be sorry for what they stood for they are sorry for the way they did things. I guess this is why this whole Ayers thing bothers me, he apologized for nothing and now he will also pay the price for his arrogance because no matter what Obama does My Ayers is going to pay a price for his "PAST" and maybe he should because arrogance always comes at a price.



I know this is a little long for my blogs but I wanted to relive a turbulent yet comforting time in my life.  Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 10/24/2008
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