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i have this thing where i try to drink 3/4 a gallon of water while im at work.  its just a good habit to have i guess.  this habit also causes me to pee often while im at work.  just a good excuse to get up and move my legsya know.

anyway theres alot of people over 40 where i work and anytime one is at the pee port next to me i notice the trouble they have peeing.  where as i start to piss and its this nice long stream of warm golden goodness coming out of me, they pee in short bursts and sound like they are struggling to get it out.  what the hell is that about. its not just ones or two guys either it seems like its every guy thats over 40.

when guys get older do their pee muscles stop working. did these guys all go to some crazy swing party and get the clap from some old saggy hos.  wtf can i do to prevent that.  i like peeing. it feels good.  these guys make it seem like a chore.  fuck man i hope my dick never stops functioning.  i love the little guy

Uploaded 01/14/2009
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