The Perfect Marketing Guy!!!

Hey Everyone! I don't normally do this but this has been so entertaining and profitable that we have to let SOMEONE in on this great run! So we had this heckler, a total noob, pooper scooper was the rank last I checked. Just makes a rude comment about one of my videos. I just gave a quick "Come again, Fuck Stick." Thinking that would be the end and he like so many others would disappear like a fart in the wind. When really this set off in his mind a shit-nami of EPIC proportions! I then started thinking...huh....maybe I can actually use this guy. I don't know where to begin to describe how much this guy is like clay in my hands but the most of the full story is in the video "Following a Tart in London Towne" Which is totally now worth going too thanks to the comments alone which I knew I would get. I relate it to fishing and I got a whopper on the hook!                         He has promised to visit EVERY post we put up and to go through all our 200 something old posts and rate them 1 star! Which isn't a big deal because they are buried sooo deep in the Ebaum's Archives that I doubt anyone would see them again unless they are favorited or something on that line. Which many of them are. Maybe I'll change my name to Bob Izumi! This guy isn't our first but he's our best. I'd suggest if you are going for the e-bones you might want to look this clown up. I'm not saying our videos are shitty. But we really put our efforts into making our picture and gif galleries. Taking videos of nature and stuff is really just something I do once and while and when we have something I share it. PERIOD. Nobody is forcing you to watch my short little films, just as nobody is/has forced you to pick up a fucking book and read it. That is just common sense. And really in the grand scheme of everything giving one star to my new stuff isn't that big of a deal because of our magnificent subscribers and our REAL viewers who know where the real laughs are at. Trolling the people with giant E-dicks!!!  So maybe I'll keep you posted on other good trolling a foote around my neck of the woods. So to close I would like to say thanks to all our subscribers! You guys are the bomb! Everyone else Live on Live Long!   

PS - a great burn on this noob by my best subscriber Maplecommando on another video called : A Wood Pecker On Film!  Below is the video of the Tart but you have to look it up too see the dialogue. 

Uploaded 05/10/2012
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