The Phenomenon of Celebrity Within the Electron Community

   The purpose of this writing is to bring up, in my view, a burning topic. The topic is whether or not the phenomenon of celebrity occurs within the electron community. You may be asking why this should be considered a burning topic. Does it have significant importance to any specific audience? Does it concern anyones well being? Can anyone, at all, benefit from the discussion of this topic? These are all valid questions. Unfortunately, none of them will be answered or even addressed in this discussion. However, the question of celebrity in the electron community will be dissected and hopefully you will gain some insight on whether or not you think it actually occurs.

            First, we will have to discuss a very brief background on electrons. Electrons are subatomic particles that carry a negative electric charge. This does not mean they have a negative outlook on life. It simply designates their electromagnetic interaction to other charged bodies. Electrons are point particles. This means they are zero dimensional and do not take up space (just envision Bill Paxson in any movie). Electrons are part of the nucleus in every atom. They are joined by protons, and neutrons. Electrons are part of the first generation of the lepton particle family, which also makes them fermions. Being a fermion is not a bad thing. It just means that an electrons angular momentum (spin) has a ½ integer value.

            Now that the basics are covered, lets discuss the probability of the celebrity phenomenon occurring within this electron community. First of all, the antithesis to the electron is the positron. When these two collide, they annihilate and produce a gamma ray photon. Do you need more proof than that? That is Sonny and Cher. When those two opposites got together they annihilated one another and formed a bright shining star that we can all observe to this day. Next, most electrons in the universe were created during the Big Bang (no offense to the Creationists that may be reading this). However, it is believed that electrons can also be created through the Beta decay of radioactive isotopes. BOOM! That is more proof of my theory right there. Same thing happens in our world with the phenomenon of celebrity. Here are some examples: Jim Belushi, Chris Penn, Charlie Murphy, Charlie Sheen, Emilo Esteves, all of the Caradines (except David), Freddie Prinze, Jr., all of the Jaws sequels, etc. I could go on ad nauseam. Lastly, electrons have quantum mechanical properties of both a particle and a wave. This means they can be collided with other particles and be diffracted light (think of the album cover for Dark Side of the Moon). To me this sums up the celebrity of Robert De Niro. Put him in a cast of other good actors and an array of possibilities could happen. You could get the Godfather II or Meet the Parents

            One principle in the electron community, which does not point to the possibility of the celebrity phenomenon occurring, is the Pauli Exclusion Principle. This principle applies to all fermions and it states that no two electrons can occupy the same quantum state. Obviously, this is not true in our world of celebrity because we had a remarkable game show called Match Game in which six celebrities would occupy the same quantum state and do it hilariously. 

            Hopefully, this discussion has at least raised the possibility of the celebrity phenomenon occurring in not only the electron community but in other communities as well. Who knows, there may be some giant, all knowing community looking at our universe through a microscope right now and asking the same question of us. 

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