The Pixies Lives!

There I was back in 1995, laying on my back on a friends apartment, smoking cigarrettes, trippin balls back in the days when i could get drunk on a couple of beer cans. Just a regular semifucked up young dude in an apartment, where nirvana, sonic youth and maybe 3 other bands ruled the musical background. Then this older dude who brought some precise weed took a tape (those old gadgets that played music) and put it on the stereo. What came out of the speakers was this band: "The Pixies"

I loved the music, loved the songs, the style, the lyrics, everything was ok with this guys on a musical level. Maybe youve heard about them, maybe you havent. Here's a small sample of what they are about. This is a cover song from jesus and the mary chain, pixies style: 

So, i loved this new band, bought a couple of cd's, and their music followed me through all high school and the years studying mental health. I would stop listening to them for a couple of months, just to go back to some old song from time to time. Lots of bands came and went, but the Pixies became, at least in Chile, a collective classic, just like the Floyd or RATM. Anyways, the possibility of them coming over here was close to zero. No bands came here for a loooong time, which created lots of urban myths ("floyd will reunite and then they'll play at the moon valley", an awesome landscape at the northern desert, never happened). But about 7 years ago, the bands started pouring in, i saw roger waters, massive attack, faith no more, sonic youth, radiohead, all bands i never thought i would see live...and then, the pixies announced their concert. Oct 13, Pixies Live. I felt 16, sneaking a small bottle of jim beam thru security, then jumping, watching this guys playing, bit older, all of them, but alive, fucking alive. I felt great. it was one of the best concerts Ive ever saw. Frank Black, lead guitar and vocals, said hello to the miners by playing 33 songs (not going that way, lots of people are fed up here about how they've managed to make this thing into a fucking media circus), Kim Deal, bass guitar player and founder of another great band, the breeders, was awesome, i loved her back in the day, i loved her last night, even with all her extra weight. She just smiled and waved, "hello". Well peeps, thats about it, glad i was there. Enjoy this other one, one of my faves, and played in place 28 on the show.


Long live to The Pixies!!
Uploaded 10/14/2010
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