The Plague of Success

Have you noticed its become a bad thing to be successful in America these days?  As if you somehow should hide your success because it has come at the expense of others?  When did the great promise of the American Dream somehow turn into the obligation of American Mediocrity where everyone is equal and those who rise above are to be shamed?

There are examples everywhere.  Perfectly legit, hard working members of our financial community are called greedy Wall Street pigs because they were able to make millions of dollars, doing their job well!  CEOs of very successful companies, who negotiated a deal for themselves with a knowing, understanding board of directors, are criticized for their ridiculous salaries, even though in most cases their skill provided great return for the companys stockholders, which happened because they were doing their job well! 

The latest, and perhaps most shameful, example of this is the girls basketball coach at the Covenant School in Texas, Micah Grimes, who was fired yesterday because his team beat the team from Dallas Academy 100-0.  Nevermind that Dallas Academy hasnt won a game in four years.  Never mind that they only have 20 girls who attend the whole school.  Mr. Grimes lost his job because he didnt tell his students to focus on mediocrity.  Dont be too successful he should have said.  We dont want to hurt anyones feelings.  After all this is America, and we dont want anyone to rise above and do better than anyone else.

This is a dangerous concept.  For years, it was the other way around.  I was told by my parents I could be anything I wanted.  I was told by my late father that nothing replaced hard work, and if I were to work harder than the other guy, I would be more successful.  That was when success was not a bad word.  Now, we are showing our children that it doesnt matter how hard you work, the schools (and the Government) will step in and keep everything fair.  How does that possibly encourage anyone to work a little harder?  How does that give anyone a three pointer to shoot for, pun intended.

Dont believe me?  Just ask the girls basketball team at Covenant High School.  They just learned the valuable lessson that if you practice, try hard, get good at something, and execute it to the fullest, you are the bad guy.  Its the plague of success in this countryand its spreading.

Uploaded 01/27/2009
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