The Plane

This is  a recollection of a true story as far as I can remember. But the basic idea has stuck with me for my life time. I was still living at home (parents house). I got into a habit of dressing down stairs in the morning because in the winter my bed room was f-ing cold. One day it was 39 degrees F. So as soon as I got out of bed I grabbed some clothes and headed down stairs.

   So one morning I was getting ready for school or work and I was watching the morning news. The story  was about a man and his experimental airplane. I think the body of the plane was clear or something, I don't really remember what made it special. He was flying the plane around and his wife was on the ground explaining what maneuvers he was performing. He would fly and she would talk, and you could hear the love the pride in her voice as she spoke.

    At one point he performed a loop and at he point when the plane was inverted, both wings collapsed. The plane spun helplessly, upside down toward the ground.  As it neared the ground she said in a calm voice "I love you." The plane hit the ground and she let out a little cry. It was clear he could not have survived the impact.

    I don't know why this effects me so profoundly. I choke up every time I think about it.

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