The Point!


I'm not sure if the experiences of growing up today mirror my own life. To break it down as a child I measured myself by comparing my ability to jump, run, and swing from monkey bars to other children. Grades in school held some weight but out running other boys was much more satisfying. At some point the friends I made always included someone faster. I would hate this friend as much as I would love him. Always hoping that one day I would beat him, to watch him be humiliated in the same way that I had been.

Then there comes the teenage years, where I wanted to screw the sexiest girls available before anyone else I knew. At times I did win this challenge only to be disappointed to find out that others soon followed me without my knowledge. This did bother me at the time and I can recall crying myself to sleep contemplating the most horrifying revenge scenarios. I'm  thankful for knowing this now. I have four boys and my experience has taught them not to take sexual conquest too seriously. I grew up watching the hippie generation gyrating on T.V. and at times on my basement floor.  

I witness the shit happening in the World today and I can see that most young people have no clue as to what is happening. There is no point in me trying explain it, they will need to cry themselves to sleep one day. 

Our greatest lessons are learned through pain and challenge. It is this that evolves us. Perhaps that is why we try to jump higher, appear more socially elevated,  only to realize that in the end, we have a long way to go. 

Uploaded 10/14/2011
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