The power of suggestion...


My wife asked me last week, randomly, as we were cleaning up after dinner.


"You ever get one of those cold sores right on the inside of your nose?"


I laughed and said YEAH and we proceeded to talk about how they hurt like a bitch and you can't even blow your nose with one of those bastards throbbing just out of reach.


That night, my nose started itching.  I actually starting feeling bad for my wife, thinking I was having some kind of sympathy pain for her.  I would take all the pain in the world to keep it from hurting my wife, so I was OK with it.  I decided to put it out there for her that it wouldn't last long and she would heal quickly.


Well two days later I was in full blown cold-sore hell.  This fucking thing manifested right on the edge of my right nostril, and made it impossible to even touch my face without it hurting.


I asked my wife when I got home if maybe she should warn me sooner next time she gets one so I don't catch it from her.  She confusingly asked me what the hell I was talking about.  I pointed to my nose and said "This!My new friend who is large enough to charge rent to, fuckin' up my face!"


She laughed and said that she doesn't even have one.  Hasn't had one in years "Ha ha ha!"


But wait. We were just talking about these the other night.  What do you mean you don't have one?


She said it just popped into her head, for no reason, out of the blue.


Well thank you very much.  Just her talking about it gave me a damn cold sore She asked me why her suggestion would have impacted me so, and I decided to take the sweet route and tell her that maybe it is just because we are so close and I love her so much, that maybe I intercepted it for her, and I would do it again.  I said this with a smile while on the inside I was screaming from the pain of the now scabbed-over cold-sore that was keeping me from blowing my nose and HURT LIKE HELL!


She hugged me and said . And I quote:


"You are such a softie sometimes."


???-I know she dit-int!


OK great.  For the last hour I have been going through my Spam folder in my email... wonderful.


Thanks honey!

Uploaded 12/03/2008
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