The Power of "The Bully"

The  bully is part of our lives, everyone meets one and many people especially as children behave like one. It's part of growing up in a society governed by norms. The attention bullying is getting lately in the media, government and educational systems looks a lot like many environmental causes. They have their victims, their cause celebs, their programs and their propaganda.  

Bullying for me was as Canadian as maple syrup and I'm sure for many of you it was as American as apple pie. It's what kids do. The oppressed learn a quick shot to the bullies nose frees them and the bully always ends up learning humility.  It's fucking wholesome, but it's for kids to work out and it pisses me off that do gooders in government and the teaching profession are destroying this timeless and necessary form of social non formal education. I know! We've evolved! Bull fuckin' shit.

It so sad to me as the world economic and monetary systems are falling into decay, the American Presidential debate hovers around  bullying antics by people when they learned their lessons as children.  That's when we all learn this shit. It's part of growing up. I know it sucks to be the victim, but admit it, you have done things to get your revenge, that empowered you. 

Grow the fuck up you Presidential candidates and get back to important issues, grown up issues, long past your formative years. Leave bullying to children, they have a better track record. 

You watch as Dr. Ron Paul ends up being the only adult in this mire of stupidity and debasing of important matters. Like come on America, at least elect a fully developed adult instead of these fools who act like children.
Uploaded 05/11/2012
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