The Power of the Human Mind

It seems that anything man imagines and takes effort towards, usually comes true to some level of success depending on support, resources and commitment. Imagine a simple garden, make the effort , you will have your garden. Imagine putting man on the moon, after a lot of resources and commitment by a lot of people and it happens. 

Such is the human mind, it is a creator of all things beyond the natural world and  the natural world with genetics, chemistry and particle manipulations. The human mind has no limit as to what it can create. There is no direction, morality, ethicism, that it cannot take with the right amount of support and resources. This can be a frightening thought if you imagine the world blowing itself up into a nuclear wasteland. Many people do think that can happen. If enough people believe it, especially from all fronts, this energy will cause it to happen as each front tries to preserve itself.

Some precursors to anything becoming reality after it is imagined is a drawing, a book, followed by a movie, a political movement, a concerted effort on the part of the public. Just think about what the world would attain if they concentrated their efforts towards one imagined idea. It does not matter what that idea is, the collective power would eventually realize it.

I watched a documentary about H.R. Giger, (  he is the creator of the monsters in the movie Alien. Here is a great example of how the imagination, starting from the mind of just one man, then interacting with others create something that looks so real, I screamed when I first saw it. If man as a collective wanted to make such a monster that was a real bio-mechanical entity, it would happen. There are a lot of dark people here on Earth, that would say, "Fuck yea! Lets do it." Thankfully, most people cancel that madness out.

There is a kind of ying and yang force that sort of lets no one idea get too far ahead in the collective consciousness of man, even if that force is benevolent.  We can see this in politics as it shifts back and forth with no one idea that takes a firm hold. If we go too far right we have fascism, too far left totalitarianism where both the left and right meet.  It always ends in a collapse, such as Hitler, Communist Russia, and now the Western world. How far it will collapse is yet to be known. Hopefully, it has gone as far as it can.

However, there are  relatively few people in power with a shit load of resources that can fuel what ever ideas they may have. Can 1% of the people with 99% of the resources control 99% of the people with 1% of the resources? For a time perhaps, but why do empires eventually fail? It is because the human mind when activated and cumulatively connected can over come any obstacle. The elite have pushed the pendulum as far as they can push it. Like a giant  blade it will swing back.  

Uploaded 03/24/2012
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