The President

I Don't understand why most people belive the president controls everything, he is a puppet for congress, bush didn't take us to war, if you think that you are mistaken. Do you really think if he would of went to war without congress he would still be in office? In the past 5 decades the title of "Commander in chief" has just become somewhat of a joke. Through corruption, greed, and abuse of power of Former presidents and members of congress. And about the Iraq War/War on Terror, We are going to be there until a job is done, it dosen't matter what president is elected to office. You don't understand the actual meaning of being over there unless you are actualy there on the front lines fighting for your country and helping people feel what freedom feels like, the feeling of maybe one day my children will grow old with children of their own and not worry about being tortured, beaten, robbed, and killed. Another thing that makes me pissed and makes me laugh at the same time is Hurricane Katrina, Geroge W. Bush, And The people who belive the president has power to control the weather, since when has the president become mother nature? Yes i admitt that the over-all response was slow, but the city was under 15 plus feet of water and more in many places. Take the size of the effected area times the amount of people and you tell me if everyone could have been evacuated within even a week, impossible!...Now to Barack Obama....Haha.....Oh we go..Yes everyone wants a change to what is going on with this country, now since when has a change always been good? I Mean thats what pisses people of is change. He is inexperienced to the tee, i mean if he can run for president, damn anybody can! So he is ex-muslim, lived outside the country for years and years, no military experience, no real office experience, racial followers and he wants your vote!!  Is this a joke? Im about to say fuck it and vote independant or not even at all


Too many people have a one-sided view of everything, you will never actualy advance or understand life until you learn to see every point of view and not belive what you hear..(news, papers, gossip, and t.v)

Enough of my b.s. rambling




Uploaded 09/06/2008
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