The pretty girl wants the luck of the ugly girl

My grand ma always saw me crying because since I was little I'll always be a hopeless romantic ;-) ..
I regret reading so much poetry books and watching so much love movies ..

As any grand ma she used to tell me you are toO gorgeous to cry !!
I will tell her is not fair abuela because I see all this ugly girls and they never cry ., and if you say I'm gorgeous why am I the one always crying ;/ ? ..
By ugly I meant ( they were mean ass bitches., soulless witches., and yes some of them were HIDEOUS looking 2 ;-) can't lie ) .,( by gorgeous I meant ., my grand ma told me if you are pretty inside outside you can be ok looking but you will always look gorgeous because the beauty of your soul will always shine through ;) ..) ..
To make this story short my grand ma's words just came to my head this morning when someone told me YOU look gorgeous on that pink dress ;-) ., 
AND I replied my grand ma's wise words..
LA SUERTE DE LA FEA LA BONITA LA DECEA ;( Meaning: The pretty girl wants the luck of the ugly girl ;( AIN'T THAT THE FUCKING TRUTH lol
Uploaded 01/04/2012
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Tags: broken heart