The Psychopaths of PETA

I have a theory that in many instances,  organizations that play on the concerns, sensitivity, fears, and ignorance of people, usually become infiltrated, if not led by psychopaths. We have seen this in orphanages, Boy Scouts, Armies, religious organizations and  government. 

A while back the leadership of the Toronto Humane Society was charged and convicted of animal cruelty. I mention this, because it is well documented that psychopaths have a propensity to be cruel to animals. Just like how paedophiles were attracted to the church to have access to their victims, so too would  psychopaths who relish killing animals be attracted to an organization like PETA. What a perfect setting it would be for people who love to kill animals to go to.  They receive lots of donations, about 37 million dollars last year in America alone, people trust them to do the right thing with the animals, and they are crusading for the rights of animals. Who would question their ethics? After all they are people for the ethical treatment of animals. 

It makes me think that, that is why the priests got away with molesting children for so long. After all they were the "church" doing God's work. They love those children. Well, we all know what happened there. Basically, if you provide a cause and then an opportunity, you will eventually find psychopaths filling the ranks in order to fulfil their  sick desires.

Pets Killed By PETA in The State of Virginia
 In 2010 out of 2345 animals they killed 2200
In 2011 out of 1992 animals they killed 1911

Workers for Peta were also caught killing dogs and cats in the back of a van and dumping the remains in dumpsters behind malls.

Just a side note:  The Human Society of America gives just 1% of their money to animal shelters.
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