the punk rock lifestyle

this blog has been inspired by a movie i just watched, American Hardcore.  it just goes back and revisits the days of true hardore back in the 80s.  however at the end a bunch of ppl cap it off by saying punk is dead and there is no more punk.  biggest bullshit statement ever.  ill give them that punk is dead as far as new bands that are classified as punk, i mean the music is still pretty fast and the lyrics are just as frustrated, but the DIY sense that started it all is deff gone.  put punk is in no way dead, dying maybe but not dead.  punk will never die as long as there are still kids who are listening to true punk rock and living their lives as free as the punk movement intended.  and as much as i hate to do this cuz it makes me sound cocky, but im a perfect example.  i live in a world where the punk look and even ideals are becoming more and more excepted but still mildly frowned upon.  however i personally feel that in the way i live my life im the embodiment of punk rock.  i live my life how i want, i look the way i want, i do what i want when i want and to anyone who says otherwise i say fuck u and open ur hillbilly mind.  also my personal style comes into play.  i feel i have culminated all the eras of punk rock within the way i dress.  ive got the old school rock n roll punk with the plain jeans and band tees, ive got the hardcore aspects with the piercings and the tattoos and the strechings, and ive got the slightly newer more radical punk look with my crazy colored hair and my mohawk.  and in that sense im not only reminding ppl of the punk they knew as kids, but im also reminding older generations that even tho their kids grew up, their kids kids are just as crazy and angry.  so in truth punk will never die because myself and others like me continue to listen to those bands, and continue to dress and act as tho we were right there will all the true punk rockers back in the 80s and 90s.

Uploaded 05/13/2008
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