The Pursuit Of Happiness

What is happiness? to me happiness is a state of mind, something I was capable of being from the day I was born but never realised, until recently, that it was something I could possibly just switch on.

Having nice things, dating hot women, having relationships of the right quality and quantity, are all ways I would immediately quantify happiness. Obviously happiness is subjective, but to most people having "something" defines whether they are happy. "something" being relationships, stuff, mental well-being, achievement, security etc. I believe that all these things are just an excuse to be happy; a trigger or permission; tangible reasoning that happiness should ensue.

We strive to get all or any of these "somethings" so we can be happy. But what if you could be happy without any of these "somethings"? what if you could simply say "im going to be happy no matter what". Even if my house is burning down, my wife is banging the mail man, I have no arms and legs etc. I can still decide to be happy. Trick my own brain to ignore all the predefined self and cultural definitions of happiness. To bypass the journey to happiness and just "be happy". Even with nothing, a bum on the street; able to live in a state of happiness, ignoring all the stress, misery and pain, that comes with the "life" package.

I am not sure I will ever master this art, but I seem to feel happier the more I try.

Uploaded 09/19/2011
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