the q-tip method

I don't claim to know much about my cats, given that I spend all day at work with dogs, but I do see a few, and I do own two. That said, I was reading one of the cat care books on display the other day and I came across something kind of creepy. In the capter about caring for a female cat in heat, and I promise this is true, to ease thier discomfort it recomends you run a q-tip under warm water and insert into the cat's vagina. I shouldn't be terribly surprised at this, given that I knew vets had to masturbate animals sometimes for various relevant reasons, but to tell an ordinary person to pleasure thier cat is kinda creepy. my cats are fixed anyway, but I thought about this for a moment, and checked online later. It's aparently common and even well known. When I got over how silly it was, I realized I wouldn't have much of a problem with it. It's not really all that creepy afterall. Our female cat likes me enough already, so I wouldn't try this. and like I said she's fixed. I can't imagine what you'd have to do for a large dog. I've read alot of books on dog care and not one ever recomended masturbating them. It must seem too far for people to consider doing this with a dog. I know the vet does it sometimes though. So anyway, it's too early for me and I should be sleeping, but just curious, would any of you do this? to your cat or your dog? I doubt I'm going to get a productive answer here, just thought I'd ask.

Uploaded 12/23/2008
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