The Rant Of A Gyps

Due to recent events and happenings on EBW concerning me in particular.. I thought I should write a blog.. just to vent.. as well as get some things off my chest.

I was made a mod of live chat. And very quickly.. I lost it due to a number of reasons (biased kicks, personal associations, etc)... Since then I have received many a scolding, chastising, barraging, as well as more than just your typical trolling from users such as White_Chocolate and his cocksuckin camaraderie. Even more so than I received when I was made mod. I can understand jealousies, but the ideas that some put together just to harass me is actually.... quite awesome! To think that I alone am the mere factor that get them to waste energy on trying to make me feel their anger... well... that brings a mischievous grin to my face. Even going so far as scold me and my parenting, trying to point out how often I am on the computer and so forth. Those who know me for me.. knows that I am a single parent with split custody as well as I work a lot on line (especially during the summers) for a few event companies. So my other favored means of employment... have to get pushed back on the hot months.

So I like to come into chat and bounce back and forth from pages or sit idle while I work... what's wrong with that? It makes my "at the desk all the time" job much more interesting and far less boring. I dig the EBW community and how colorful and different each character is. I love em all.. even the haters!

Truth is, I never asked to be a mod.. I never considered being a mod. The opportunity was given to me and yes, I was more than happy to accept. I apologize if some felt walked over, stepped on, shoved aside, or anything to that degree... however,  I'm also happy that many of those jealous try to sit back and laugh at my expense to the idea of me being demodded. Like I said.. it's not like I wanted it to begin with, but I must say, the idea that I am whats on your mind.. what you are thinking about.... cracks me up. That you log in at the popular *off work" and "hang out" hours just laugh at my expense makes me laugh at you. I, Gyps, am the highlight of your day! Whether you love me... or love to hate me...  make fun of the time I spend on the computer, talk trash behind my back, leak out my photos, many people are spending their free time thinking about me, just waiting to crawl back to the confines of their interwebs, log into chat, and give me their best. You make me smile.

As I said... had I wanted moddery... it'd be something different.. but I didn't. So the ride... as short lived as it was (jealous, butthurt peeps lol) was fun none the less.. alas... I make a better trouble maker. What can I say? Its funner on the dark side... we have cookies and punch! :D

Another thing people like to call me is a hoar. LMAO... a hoar... on ebaums. Compared to the things that have been done on this site, dare I say, I don't even match up! However.. yes. I've done some stupid things.. made stupid decisions.. but I refuse to let these things define me. I am more than that and those that try to break me down and belittle me, just for their own enjoyment.. those who cant see past the BS, that make ME the reason they get on line..  are even sadder individuals. Once again.. I AM the highlight of their day.. sad considering my life isn't really all that interesting right now. I do my work, raise my beautiful smart daughter, and I stay logged into ebaums as much i as i can.

And yes I have flirted here and there, both with guys and girls. I've broken hearts, but i've also mended some. I've pissed people off and I've helped others cope with their own problems. I've made plenty of enemies and listened to others in their time of need. Offered advice and searched for some in return. Gave a shoulder to cry on, found people to drink with, people to smoke with.. handed out crafting ideas, shared stories, made stories,  made friends, lost friends, and hopefully I make some more with more wonderful experiences. I'm not perfect and I've never claimed to be. I'm not cocky and i have no problem admitting my stupidities, insecurities, and screw ups. I love EBW and everybody in it... may sound queer and kinda faggish... but I don't give a shit. Those who KNOW me.. KNOW me. The rest of you haters can go suck a dick and keep tuning into MY channel! lmao

See you in chat!
Uploaded 07/21/2011
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