The raping. part 2

He heard sirens in the distance, the hairs on his ass crack rised up like midsummer grass. With a gun to her head she was  tied up and thrown in the closet. He looked out the window and saw two cops with hanguns held tight walking to the front door. Quickly he ran by the doors and when the officers came in he grabbed one and pointed his handgun to the officers head. Then the officers dropped there guns and he shot them both in the leg and took both of there guns. He locked them in a bathroom where they would soon run out of blood. He made his way upstairs to finish what he started. He opened the closet untied her and whispered into her ear " Now where were we?". He unzipped his pants and pulled out his long cock as soon as he got it out he was shot from behind by one of the officers. She yelled " oh thank god you've come officer, I thought he was going to kill me! ". He walked towards her and said " Oh you look so uncomftorable all tied up like that, let me help ". He untied her and as soon as she was loose the officers pants dropped to the floor. She screamed " Oh no not again!". He shoved his large meaty cock into her sore asshole and used the blood dripping from her bowels as lube. She had never felt such a sharp pain in her life. His testicles slapped against her clit like hammer. She couldnt stop screaming. Tears dripped from her eyes and ran down her body. Then she woke up in her own bed at home, "Oh thank god it was all a dream. She got out of bed and noticeed the cold dead body of a rapist laying on the floor.

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