The raping.

It was a dark and stormy night, the flashing lighnting woke her up. She went down stairs to get a cold glass of water when she noticedd the window was open and rain had poored into the kitchen, she hesitantly walked toward the window and shut it when all the lights went out. She muttered to herself and kept herself calm with her thoughts of coincidence. She was scared after all it was her first time in her house all alone since her boyfriend moved out. After her eyes finally adjusted to the darkness she opened a drawer and grabbed a lighter and some candles. Once the candles were lit she made her way back up the stairs into her bedroom. Then fear struck through her body like the lightning that kept her awake all that night. She couldnt believe her eyes right in front of her on her bed the covers layed right over what looked exactly like a body. With her hand over her mouth she slowly walked toward the bed and removed the covers as quickly as possible. Then relief flew through her as she realized it was just a pile of pillows she must have left them that way after leaving her room. Then she felt cold hands cover her face as she was thrown onto her bed by a dark figure who quickly took off all of her clothing and undressed himself reveiling the biggest hairiest cock she had ever seen. Her screams were useless as his giant penis plunged into her anus like a steaming freight train. It went inside her so hard and brutally she could have died of anal perferration. He tried to cover her screams with his hands but she bit his finger he got so mad he slapped her across the face knocking her out he was playing with a cold turkey now but he didnt care. His cum flowed inside her and covered her whole crotch then he heard sirens in the distance.


To be continue...

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