-The Real McCain-

I found out it's much easier to allow McCain to show his own Hypocrisy, then it is to try and explain it myself.  So, lets go to the source!  John McCain, speaking about his stances on issues, and then quickly changing them when it becomes Advantageous. His, "Straight Talk Express", obviously goes both ways, which of course McCain is both for and against.


On- The Iraq War, the Confederate Flag, The Religious Right, Gay Marriage



On- The threat level on ground forces in Iraq, Katrina, Experience on Economics, the current American Economy, his stance on Tax-Cuts



Now, you have all heard about Obama's reverend, and of course now Palin is trying to Tie Obama even closer to Dr. Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Well take a Look at McCains pastor!  (Normally I say this is off limits, but since the McCain Campaign has opened the door, fight fire with fire!)


Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Reverend John Hagee


And finally, I wanna end this with a discussion featuring Olbarmman, followed by a Message from other Veterans then Just myself on how the New GI bill was crushed because of Opposition to it by McCain and others... If he supports the troops so much, then why the fuck won't he help them pay for their books?




Veterans Talk


And for those of you wondering if he did support the bill in the end?  The answer is No, he didn't even show up to say Yea or Nay, which is the least he could have fucking done as his duty as a Senator.  Don't believe me, there here you go.  Where was McCain?


There you go people, this is the Canidate for the Republican nomination, most of it done in his very own words.  I invite you to try and disprove any of this.  You are not an idiot for Supporting McCain or being a Republican, but you need to know the canidate you are voting for.

Uploaded 10/07/2008
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