The Real Mysteries

Once upon a time I was reading my favourite Cilfford book.  It was the one where he got a job.  I thought he give me some tips but no such luck, by the end of the book I felt worse than the time I took a shit and all the pimples on my face popped at the same time.  After I put down the book of moral which was employers will more likely hire a big red dog than hire you. I read the newspaper on Osama Bin Ladin.  It got me thinking on the times I used to search for people back when it was fun and not creepy.  This one lady I tried to find but she travled around the world and I could never catch her.  Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?  I have a better chance of catching a cold than catching her.  Aparently the police tapped my computer and used my seaching skills to get closer to her.  Since the police is in on the search it got me thinking.  What did Carmen Sandieo do to become wanted and go into hidding?  Remember the head aches Where's Waldo books gave you?  Rumor has it my friend found him, but he never showed up to school the next day and i haven't seen him since.   True story I swear. I always had trouble finding Waldo by the fourth page I was like "Fuck it I am out!"  Lets not for get that mind cluster fuck at the end of the book. 1 million Waldos, but only one is the real one.  I much prefer the Where's Waldo books at the library because some kid circled where Waldo was.  It made my life much easier just like the "ILM" cheat in Wolfenstein 3D.  Today I am on bigger mysteries  I am right now trying to figure out who framed Roger Rabbit? I am so close just a few more clues.

Uploaded 10/05/2009
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