The reason weekends are only two days long............

I was at a two day wedding, I am sure you know the type. While I was at this wedding I noticed the bulk of the conversation was about the economy. People are scared and these people are very good friends and all of them are liberal democrats and me being a conservative I stay away from political crap with these guys because I know at least 3 of them own a rope and I notice they are always looking for a tree when i am around. The night wore on and the booze flowed. If you want to have some fun stay sober and watch the drunks, this is real life entertainment. Most of my friends are professional people Dr.,two attorneys, and the upper and middle management. I have spent my life in the steel industry splicing steel cable for heavy equiptment but due to injuries I have spent the last 3 years in another field. While the evening wore on it became my fault because of the stock market, I reminded them that my name was not New York or stock exchange and that I was just one little guy but once again the booze won out. While I took quite a berating and one fight that night, my phone rang off the hook the next day with apologies and they are my friends and I am big enough to accept an apology when given because lord knows I have had to give out enough of them. Now do not jump to conclusions I did not talk politics, it was a wedding. Contrary to opinions I do know how to act in public.

There is a moral to this story and it is when you are drunk do not forget the phone call you will have to make in the morning(man, those are the worse) so PUT DOWN THE BOTTLE!


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 10/12/2008
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