The Red Car Mystery

I was 16 when this mysterious crime happened. Nobody found out who the culprit was. Nobody even mentions it nowadays, but it was a big shock for my grandpa when he found out his car was gone. But lets go back to the start.

It was a spring morning when I've decided to act even dumber and less responsible than usual. My grandpa collects cars. He's got over 20 of them secured in his uphill house and keeps them in a special garage. The garage is shut away with an electronic lock, secured with a 4 digit code. The code was grandpa's birth day. It's different now and I don't want to know what the current code is. But I knew the old code. Unfortunately.

Grampa lives alone and leaves the house constantly for business trips. He was away that day and I was dumb enough to take advantage of that. Since I had my own set of keys, it was easy to get in. I came by anytime I wanted since it was close to my school and if I ever needed anything, I could just march right in without asking. There was no security camera's there, probably because nobody would be dumb enough to break in. It never happened in this neighborhood, anyway.

1-9-4-1. Pearl Harbor. Muahahahaha! Also the security code and some old guy's birth day. Now to pick a car. The Maserati. Yes. It's so red and shiny. And elegant.

I have no idea how it worked, but it did. I returned back safely after a few minutes and that was enough fun for that day. But soon I wanted more! It was always the red maserati, for some reason. I never shown the car to anybody, even though I wanted to impress somebody with it. I was too scared to do that. I was too careful. Or was I?

It was maybe 7th or 8th time I borrowed the car and headed to the tennis court for practice. I left the car on the parking lot's third floor. After an hour I had enough exercise and went back to the parking lot. I pushed the button for the 2nd floor. Got out of the elevator and the maserati wasn't there.... They stole the fucking car!!!!! How could this have happened? Maybe I parked it somewhere else? I searched the whole 2nd floor. I gots to call the police!

But wait... I stole the car. What will I tell them? Even if they find it, I'll be fucked. And I don't even have a driver's license. I'm 16. Shiiiiiit. What do I do from here? I know. Bail!

The funny thing is, nobody noticed the car was missing for 3 weeks or maybe longer. But when they did, I thought they''ll never find it anyway. Surprise, surprise - the cops found it in less than 2 days. But they never found the thief.

The person who stole that car left it at a public garage. On the 3rd floor.
Uploaded 03/25/2011
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