The Redesign Is So Classy

It was obvious that the butt hurt trolls and douche bags would whine about the redesign. I'm certain that you could have found a lot of drama queens complaining about color TVs being introduced in the 17th century or conspiracy theorists saying that the start of fast food deliveries would lead to other restaurants going bankrupt.

Whine whine whine. Instead, why don't you look at the awesome aspects. Do you see the losers posting hundreds of naked chick pics each day, flooding the Just Submitted page? No. Where's the Just Submitted page? The hell if I kno... oh, there it is, it's called NEWEST nyao. It's on the top left corner of the page. You can't miss it.

Another thing is the Popular section is filled with featured media, instead of reposts. I like how the subscriptions are being handled - it's similar to the YouTube standard. You can subscribe to a bunch of people and don't get the inbox flooded with notifications. They'll stay in the separate section designed to display the media uploaded by the users you subscribed to. 

I would call the new look classy. It may be confusing at first, but it's probably because I'm used to the old one. The new one is very clear and has large miniatures (are they still miniatures?) that attract the eye. The display is more modern and more towards the iPhone generation than the simpleton Reddit hipsters. You can tell the staff have thought a lot about this and it's been executed professionally.

The sections are merged and you get all the media put together on arrival but from there you get to choose a separate sub-section however you please. The great thing about them being merged is that the mods will have it easier to spot out the spam and delete it. Before, the less popular sections had to wait for someone to arrive and sometimes the spam flood buried, for example, the blogs, for hours.

I also like how the blogs show up in the newest media along with clips and pics, so they'll definitely get more traffic.

I give the redesign an A+. There's not much you could complain about. The eBones didn't vanish, they're still in your profile, so this argument is stupid. Meebo works, so you can chat with your buddies. From the amount of hate comments in the features I can tell that comments also work. Instead of complaining, how about you accustom yourself with the new, fresh layout and stop whimpering. Who uses CRT monitors or pagers nowadays? That shit is redundant and passe. The site is clearer and more up to date with the new layout. I know I'm not the only user to notice that, but I guess it's usually the nagging grouches that keep complaining in the comments and the people who like it, often don't say anything.

Uploaded 06/16/2012
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