The Reds

I recently had a chance to stay for an over night at a boarding school. At this school there is a large population of asian students. Most of these students come straight from Asia, I don't know the specific countries. While walking from class to class I over heard one of these Asian's talking to a normal student about life at home. They were talking about the communism at home, I presume the country was China. 

Apparently the countries ruler's face would be on all of the books in the schools and always on the TV and on banners in the streets. The government would also make it out to seem that every country surrounding them was on the brink of war. They would tell the people that one day a country would be a strong and trusted ally, and the next they would be evil invading scum. It's some fucked up shit.

Even though we as Americans sometimes get fed bullshit by the government sometimes, its good to know that we can atleast trust in our government and not have to be afraid of it. Well atleast not alot anyways... Some times it really doesn't seem like it but we do have it pretty good here. Freedom is a great thing and its a unfortunate thing a big portion of the world's population doesn't have it. And over all, communism sucks, it never even is executed properly.. Fuck that shit..


Im Life, Viva La Revolucion!

Uploaded 01/27/2009
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