The return of Judo Jason Temple

  Do you know that feeling?  You know...  That feeling you get when you know you've had a good workout.

  You're not sore, but tired.  Youre not tight yet, the muscle is actually loose and a little unresponsive.  You're not cramping, and you just have that hyper awareness about yourself.  You know what it is you've been doing, and everything looks better.

  I've missed that feeling a lot.  6 months due to the afore mentioned stray needle incident (see my last blog) that I couldn't return to Wrestling school and get a good workout, and seeing that money was the way it was I didn't have a gym membership anymore even if I could have found the time to get there.  Right now I can feel that lax looseness in my shoulders and Chest, and I know that I'm in trouble because tomorrow I will likely get the tight ripping pain that comes with a really truly good workout, and I have a transport truck to help upload tomorrow.

  So be it.  It was more then worth it. 

  This whole 6 months I've been sitting back wondering if I was done with Pro-Wrestling.  It only made sense, I know I'm not going anywhere, while i have the talent, I'm too old and i don't have the right body type to make anything of myself in this business of 6'4" 260 4% body fat muscle freaks who couldn't work their way out of a paper bag (see that "Working" is what we call having a good match and making people suspend their disbelief and just enjoy what your doing to entertain them.).  I have a new baby...  15 months now, and very little time to do anything other then work, come home and watch him.

  It was a tough decision to actually go back to wrestling, but it was the right one, no doubt in my mind.  I crave the limelight, I crave to be center ring where people are booing and snarling at me.  I crave that attention, and more then that I crave to entertain people, it's what I do, and it's what I enjoy.

The Master of Jay-Do has returned.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Uploaded 09/02/2009
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