The Revolution

I remember a couple years ago,
I read a transcript of an Alan Watt
Christmas rant that I still remember
today. In it Alan refers to... I
remember it because of a specific
reference today... This made me think
of... etc." This makes it less a
spontaneous ejaculation of a third
party's ideas all over the faces of
ebaums bloggers and more of a... blog. I
think there's rules against this.

The plan was laid out years, many years ago, hundreds of years ago actually, even in the 1700s to bring in a society where the ones who had the right to live, should carry on forever with their own offspring eugenics, basically the ones who deemed themselves the proper elite whod proven their elitism by either inventions or by acquiring lots of money, often both together, or stealing someones invention.


During the French Revolution a lot of the literature was given out to the general public on what we would now call sustainability.  People dont realize that was part of the French Revolution, sustainability as we call it today.  They actually rounded up what they thought were excess peasantry on the land and basically put them on to barges on rivers, and even the coastline of the sea, and sunk them.  Very similar to the tactics used when the Bolsheviks took over in the second revolution in Russia that gave us the Soviet Union; very, very similar.  They did the same thing and starved millions of people, especially the small farmers.  They were really peasant farmers; they were not rich people at all. 


You dont realize this is a very old plan, but the plan has really gained momentum in the 20th century up to the present with the League of Nations.  The League of Nations was brought in by a group, working on the premise that the elite should rule the world, and that was the Milner Group, Lord Alfred Milner who was also a banker, an international banker of course, and all his members initially were too.  They all went to Oxford University.  They came from well established families; by that I mean stinking rich thats well established, you see.  They laid out their plan along with the Cecil Rhodes Society, another branch, as they merged together into the Royal Institute of International Affairs to bring this world plan in.  They had to get the countries to first have conflicts and then through accords and peace treaties theyd gradually merge the world into one big corporation, which of course would be ruled by professionals and scientists and so on.  The general public would be trained, trained from birth to obey, in various ways which theyd even be unaware of, because by the time that Pavlov came along they had a lot of data on human behavior already in their archives.  And they havent stopped.  They havent stopped.


There is nobody that put it better than Carroll Quigley, the professor who was the historian, the official historian for the CFR, which is the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  He laid it all out on the line that these guys admitted, in their own writings, to getting the Boer War going to take over South Africa and its mineral rights and so on.  They had plans for a World War with Germany in the works and they worked on that for years, World War I, to get IN, to bring in the League of Nations, the precursor to the United Nations.  They also helped to set up foundations.  Foundations would run around national parliaments and sovereign states and they would basically have tax free, exempt status; incredible wealth.  Of course the big, big bankers, who are all in the same cabal, including the ones of their American cousins, formed these foundations and then created the pressure groups which we now called nongovernmental organizations.  Many of them sound so official you think they are part of government, but they are not.  They are private and therefore they go ahead and spend their money, and a lot of the governments money which, by the way, your government gives them, too to carry forward what they call radical plans.  Radical.  In fact you can get a grant from your government if you want to open up a store to show off fetuses in urine, stuff like that like artwork they call it today, thats called radical art or radical feminism, or radical anything, but it has to be radical.  Of course its the approved radical.  Its to destroy all of society in order to rebuild it out of the shambles and bring in the new, a completely ordered, dictatorial society from birth to death.  Thats it really summed up in a nutshell. 

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