The right way

I think, and it took me alot of indignation before I understood this, that when certain groups or individuals even try to impose thier way of life, cultural or spiritual, they have some degree of good intentions. I concede that we are a species selfish by nature because we have to be, and we do impose things for our own sake, but some people I give them credit for having some altruism to thier itnentions. to impose a culture or an idea on someone or many people with no intention of personal gain, takes a certain degree of ego centric delusion that you well and truly grasp the one right way. As much as I have insulted evangelical assholes and bemoaned that people will not keep thier beliefs to themselves, I realize in the course of my studies that I have had the desire to impose my way on others too. I have been and still am under some level of delusion that I have the one right way in mind, or im getting there, and at the very least it works. Oh I have evidence that way way works, but even if something is broken I have no right to take it away from those that hold it. I should be concerned at the harm it does to those reluctant to hold it. it is still ym belief that they should be free. It is dificult for me, or anyone I think, to accept that there isn't a right way, that the mythical horizon of cultural and spiritual enlightmenemnt isn't out there for us all and it's not one all encompassing body. We all have our own right way, what we should be concerned with is resources, because everything is finite and no matter what your culture you have to survive. we all have a right to at least a chance at survival. it is still my firm belief that no one owns the resources, that if you are hungry you should take them if you are also hungry you should defend them. the trouble is trying to clusterfuck everyone into one world culture as we do now. no matter your country or beliefs we all pretty much practice the same way of life, other then some outliers, so we need the same resources exactly and we have to get them from a lower tier. violence is almsot always nescesary and against the lower humans its invisible, reversed its treated as an atrocity. all humans being equal, violence should be visible. I'm not against violence, I'm against stratification.

Uploaded 07/02/2009
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