The Rise and Fall of America part 1

*Due to some politically driven blogs recently posted I have found the inspiration to write a blog about the basic history of America and how it is doomed to fail unless certain variables are changed. Please understand that I love America and I in no way shape or form want it to fail. I only hope to brind to light some thinkings of what is happening.


(The beginning)

America was founded by people who lived under the rule of a monarchy. They saw very big flaws in this form of government and decided that they had a better form of government in mind that would allow each citizen the rights that are necessary to prosper and enjoy true freedom.

The men I am reffering to are the founding fathers of the United States. Keep in mind that these were very intelligent and educated men. In the times that they lived they did not have so many distractions like we have today. When they come home from work they didn't play video games or watch t.v. or play on the internet. They picked up books and studied the history of the world.

I can't think of one way that we are superior to them intellectually. Yes we have cell phones and internet and all these fancy technologies but that is exactly why we are dumbed down to a point of complete ignorance.


With that being said, what is it that they had in mind that would set America apart from all the other tried and failed forms of government? It is a Republic. For all of you who think that America is a democracy I suggest you put the x box controller down and open a book.


So what is the difference between a Democracy and a Republic?

It is very simple and very important. In a Democracy the mass votes on laws and the majority wins. Well if you don't know the problem with this idea than you must not have learned anything in your senior politics class and you should go back to school.

The founding fathers would have rather kept a monarchy than create a Democracy because they knew that a Democracy does not work and it would impeade on the rights of the citizen.

So they decided that a Republic would be best. In a Republic the citizens rights are protected by law and therefore they have the freedom to live as they want so long as they don't impede on their neighbors rights.

This is a very important fundamental that our country has strayed away from and a perfect example of this is California. (we will get to that later)


So our founding fathers created a Republic for us that gave the citizens rights that can not be infringed on by anyone whether it be their neighbor or their government. This is very important to them because at the time they had no rights and they were subjects to the king of England. Yes they had privilidges but they could be stripped away at any time and the King had absoulute rule.


What is the diffence between a right and a priviledge?

Having rights means that there is no higher authority that can impede your rights and you are born with them and keep them till the day you die. For example when you are born in the united states you have the right to bear arms. This means that no matter what happens the government can not take them away or keep you from obtaining them.

A privilidege is something that is given to you by a higher power and can be taken away at any moment . You are at the mercy of their will and have nothing of your own.

Understand this and live by it. It is the most basic idea and the greatest component of our country. That is what sets us apart from the rest and gives  us the freedoms that we take for granted.


The main idea of part one of this blog is to instill that that the constitution is the most sacred and powerful document that the U.S. has and it is very important to read and understand it. Every citizen of this country should have a copy of this document because it is what gives us (the citizen) the power and freedoms that we enjoy and the rest of the world longs for.


This blog is not intended to give you all of the answers and I wouldn't attempt to because I am not an authority on the subject and their are plenty of people out their that have dedicated their lives to understanding the u.s. and the constitution that can do a much better job at it.


I am simply trying to invoke thought and try to rustle you out of your ignorant slumber. If you have questions or don't agree or beleive the words posted here than use your freedom and resources to find out for yourself.  


The next part of this blog will be about the rise of America to the point of the greatest country the world has ever seen. The next part will have more details and be more informative.




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