The Roommates

These are just a few things that my roommate and suite mates do that annoy the crap out of me. BUT this blog, even though these are true, is intended to be humorous and for your entertainment.



Suitemates: (I have a connecting bathroom with two other roommates)

Leaving the door locked when theyre not in the bathroom.

Leaving the door unlocked when they are in the bathroom.

SLAMING the toilet seat down at all hours of the day, especially at 3 in the morning which either wakes me up of keeps me from falling asleep. Does anyone do this? Its seriously mind boggling to try to understand why one would do this? The only thing I can think of is a mental deficiency.

Slaming the toilet seat twice in a row in the bathroom. (actually happened while I was writing this)

one suite mate having sex in the shower with his girlfriend and being really loud and obvious, which is also done at 2-3am.

Also both of them being in the shower and talking very loud.

Taking hour long showers.

Throwing balled up tissues onto my top shelf in the bathroom. I cant see them unless I jump, so they thought they were being sneaking. I have no idea why they cannot just throw them in the toilet or trachcan.

Drenching the entire bathroom floor with water after a shower creating a huge puddle outside my door. Its like a fat person just jumped out of a pool and brought a large amount of water with him.

Playing the guitar with a speaker really late at night when Im trying to sleep. (poorly)

Having one of their girlfriends live there when him and she spends a copious amount of time in the bathroom. And youd think shes blowing away her daddys money because she isnt even living where she is supposed to. She wasnt there the whole semester.

The girlfriend also likes to leave the bathroom door locked in the morning, which is extremely annoying because I like to take a shower before my first class.

Also Im pretty sure the girlfriend goes through the toilet paper like its her job.

PEEING ON THE TOILET SEAT, so I have to wipe it up before I crap.

Leaving the lights on in the bathroom every time they leave, and leaving their door wide open so I have to look at their gross, female infested room.



STARING at me or LOOKING at me every chance he gets.

Talking along with the T.V. which just completely ruins the experience for me. Like I really want to hear your voice ruin the punch line before I hear it? Man..

Laughing like a goon at EVERYTHING.

Sniffling about 98% of the day.

Sniffling literally every 5 seconds in the morning when Im trying to sleep and wakes me up.

Violent nose clearly noise that I have yet to figure out what it is or even if he is awake or not, which is extremely loud and last for about 2 minutes. He does it at about 4am EVERY night and about 75% of the time wakes me up. This is probably the worst thing. It scared the crap out of me the first time I heard it. (im pretty sure he is awake, so that means it is EXTREMELY inconsiderate, or retarded.)

Stole my apple once.

When were watching T.V. together, after he hears something funny, hell look directly at me for approval and Ive yet to turn his way and participate in the event of laughing while looking at each other. 

Putting the A.C. up ALL the way at night so I freeze.

His sneezing, which is the equivalent of rhinoceros sneezing and having his sneeze stop by a fart. yeah its that weird. It's like it gets stuck, or shot the opposite direction or something. every time.

Looking at me when I get out of the shower. (Im naked and in a towel!)

One time I unzipped my pants, and of course it made a somewhat loud noise in a quiet room, and my roommate TURNED AROUND AND LOOKED AT ME!! Seriously? Are you kidding? What did you expect youll see? Unless he is a homosexual, I am still to this day bewildered at why he turned around. And this happened on two separate occasions.

Asking me where I have been, what I was doing or where Im going all the time. Ya know Kev, sometimes its not your business.

Talking on his phone in the room, with his family or one time a female, and saying the most wimpy things Ive ever heard. He will be whipped in his future relationship.

Having a phone, but it not being on when I try to call him when Im locked out of the room. How convenient he has a phone too.

Leaving his disgusting after spit from brushing his teeth in the sink. Gross mayne.

Befriending me on facebook.



thats it! also if you want, you can share some of your bad experiences with past/current roommates.


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