The Scene, What Does It Mean?


Somewhere inside my head amongst all the rubble, there is an unusual place that comes to me while contemplating the past, present and future of mankind.

It is an ancient place, high in a mountain, constructed entirely of stone. There are high walls all around forming a square. In the center there is a dark pool of water. I stand on one side of the courtyard, across from me there is a target for which I shoot an arrow and hit it's center.

Not voice, not gesture, not sign or instruction in anyway, I climb a small simple podium to receive my reward. With horrific speed a giant stone hammer drops from the sky and strikes me. Not to kill me, but to forge me and prepare me for what ever I will face.

The dark watery pool begins to clear, the sun rays quickly dance around the courtyard as if  to make all the rocks blink, and then the air falls silent. My gaze turns to the now clear water and I begin to see the past,  present and future all at once.

One day, perhaps all mankind will be forged so they to can clearly see what is, without  fear, without guilt, without judgement, without pride and self adoration, without agenda or self indulgence and above all to know it's meaning,  when it is so gracefully presented.

Uploaded 09/04/2011
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