The School That Will Scar Me

Now, I've been noticing that our schools are becoming increasingly more ignorant and disrespectful too our natural rights. They also are increasingly asking more from us. My school district is using a local Continuation school to raise their scores up more. How may you ask. A kid will get bad test scores at a high school, so they look for any what reason to kick them out and send that person to our continuation school. I have heard teachers say this. Then schools will punish you for saying FUCK SHIT ASS BITCH CUNT FOOGE. Thats fucking ridiculous. I can say what I damn well please. If I want to say fuck I say it. and do you know why? because some dickhead hundreds of miles away is not going to point the finger at me and say YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. Fuck that. You will not edit me. I think that everyone and I mean everyone has a right to say what they want no matter what. Even if its something stupid like "the haulocaust wasn't real" or "white people are gods". I can say anything that comes out of my mouth and if you dont like it, to bad because thats fucking ridiculous that someone can stop me from speaking my mind. Especially a certain english teacher of mine. She has given me a C recently because she disagrees with me on speaking principles. She thinks that we shouldn't cuss even though I have heard her cuss on multiple occasions. Then she threatens to write us up when we do cuss. So I wrote up a paper about how I should be able to say what I want and I had my good reasons. Fuck that. she then reports me to the Counselor and I get talked to. though it wasn't bad. He just told me to backoff. anyway. she from then on hates me and is extremely biased about everything. AND IF THERE ARE ANY TEACHERS READING THIS THEN I IMPLORE YOU TO LOOK INTO THIS. anyway back to schools, The schools are starting to ask more of us in work effort and such. 6 years ago you would barely be learning Pre Algebra in 8th grade. Now they are learning full Algebra 1. then these same motherfuckers start upping the testing and add to shit. do you know they're excuse is. They say that we are capable of it. Just cause a few kids are capable of this bullshit work doesn't mean that the others can catch up. You idiots are slowly destroying each generation more and more. You're right though. we are the Future and when we come into power and you all are a bunch of Old retards who need to rely on us you're going to realize that you fucked up big time. LEMON

Uploaded 01/30/2009
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