The secret life of Tyaeda

Welcome to today's addition of  "Let's learn something new about Ty".

I've been holding off writing this blog, for reasons that will soon become clear.

It may or may not come as a surprise to you but,  I am one boyfriend away from being a crazy cat lady.

My parents had cats before they had me.  Growing up, we've always had cats.  At one point my mother managed to hoard 11 cats at one time... many of them were kittens, and given away... but still that's a lot.   Over time my father has been able to keep my mothers hoarding at bay, and was even able to get her down to one outdoor cat, until one faithful day my dad ran over my mothers kitty, Cotton.   Since then my dad had no choice but to pay for his guilt and the hoarding has picked back up. Now, within a year of the accident, she has a cat that resides in her garage, and 2 females in the house. 

I am very convinced that some of this hoarding has rubbed off on me.  I have 4 indoor cats. Me and my bf both have a cat from previous relationships (step-kitties), and two together.  They each have very distinctive personalities, likes, dislikes, rituals and quirks.  Some of them have even been trained to do dog like tricks.

Lulu is my boyfriend's cat from a previous relationship (but I love her like she's my own).  She's the oldest of the 4, and very much looks and acts the part.  She's grey and white, big and fluffy, and quite lazy.    Oddly enough she's never had a problem with us adding any new cats to the family, but is still, after 2 and a half years, very jealous of mine and my bf's relationship.    Rightfully so.  They were alone together for some 7-8 years before I came along.   Almost every time me and my bf get "close" she's right there trying to get in the middle of it.  Forcefully she will often climb onto my bf's lap and start licking his nose and headbutting his face.  Every now and then she'll stop and look to see if I'm watching.  If I am she either squints at me, or gives me "the lip" (I'll give you a picture after).   Her favourite toy is the plastic wrapper on cigarette packages, and if we're not careful she will loot the garbage cans for it.

Kaida is my cat from a previous relationship. She's a brown and grey tabby.   She is the most anti-social of the bunch, but she's coming around.  She's so anti-social that she requires her own bowl when I give them wet food.  She would rather not eat at all than have to share a plate with the other 3 cats.  She's terrified of keys... don't know why, but she's always been deathly afraid of them.  And although she loves sitting in the window (she tries to call the birds by making chirping noises that sound very similar to that of a Starling). , she will not go outside for the life of her.   Her favourite is small toy mice, being the first to use the clean litter box, and brushing herself with both my hairbrush and the shedding brush I bought for them.

Rooney is our 25lb beast, named after Wayne Rooney of the soccer team Manchester United, and is the first cat me and my boyfriend got together. He's an orange tabby.   He was a planned adoption.   The person we got him from said that he was a girl, and had no fleas.  They lied about both.  None the less we've taken care of the fleas and dealt with having a boy around the house.   I often call Rooney my puppy because he is more dog like than cat like.   He knows the following tricks: sit, lay down, speak, and used to fetch before we got him fixed and he got all lazy on us.   He is also larger than my bf's brother's Boston Terrier.   One day I borrowed their dog's harness, in an attempt to leash train Rooney, but it was too small.   Rooney gets to keep his dignity another day lol.  Rooney is also very well known for his loud purring.  Even the people at the vet made a comment about how he wouldn't stop purring even when they were giving him shots to knock him out.  Rooney's favourites are laser pointers (it's like the only thing he'll chase since we removed his testicles), people food (especially my Iced Cappuccinos from Tim Hortons) , and talking.   I honestly believe that he thinks he is not a cat, but a people.  Often times me and my boyfriend will be talking to each other and Rooney will pipe in with a series of cat barking (he doesn't meow, he yaps), that sound very much like human syllables, as if he's sharing his opinion.   Sometimes I'll ask him "Hey Rooney, want some Ice Cap?" And he'll say "MA!" for yes, and he says it every time I ask him.  Or I'll say "What do you want?" and he'll immediately reply with "MA-WA!"... which is Rooney for Ice-cap.  He also whines like a child.  If I don't give him attention after he talks my ear off, he will whine like a 3 year old.  It sounds nearly the exact same.    Rooney has also taken on a people like role when it comes to the other cats.   He will often cover up the other cat's shit in the shit box, and is always there if another cat is doing something they know they are not allowed to do (like go on my coffee table for example).   He is also a really good big brother to the newest addition to our crazy family.

Corky is our newest cat.  My boyfriend named him after Corky from the TV show Life Goes On.  I wanted to name him Timmy after the character in South Park, but I guess Corky fits best.  Doesn't matter what we call him anyway, he's deaf.   Corky was not a planned adoption.  We planned to stop at 3 cats, but this little fucker made it into our home and hearts.   One morning I heard a kitten crying outside.  Because I'm a crazy cat lady, I couldn't ignore it.  I went out and I spotted an all white kitten who appeared to be lost.   I went out to feed him and sat with him while he ate, hoping I would hear someone calling him.  But as soon as he finished he was out running down my busy street chasing cars.  I couldn't leave the cat out there knowing that he was probably going to be hit.... he was already stopping traffic.  I decided to take him in, while I looked for his owners.  He walked into our apartment like he owned the place.  The poor thing was covered in fleas.  I had to bath him 3 times and use a head lice comb to get all of it, and to stop them from spreading to my other cats.  It was such a bad infestation, both me and my bf shed a tear while we were both in the bathtub watching the fleas take their last bite of him, and the blood from it dying his all white fur.  He looked sooo sad, but it had to be done.   After a week of no luck trying to give him away or find any previous owners he may of had, we reluctantly decided to keep this all white, blue-eyed little trouble maker.   It didn't take us long to realize his lack of hearing abilities.  Most domestic breed, all white, blue eyed cats are deaf.  We confirmed this by making noises to see if he responded.  Nothing but an adorable blank stare.   After having him for a couple months we believe that he was a runt of a stray cat who kicked him out of the litter.  Up until a few weeks ago he had food aggression, and would often eat as though he was never going to see another meal.  He's definitely been a project for both me and my bf.  We have implemented a Kitty Sign Language system, and he now knows the sign for "Come" and "get down" which are really the only ones we need.  He also has Rooney showing him the ropes.  Corky knows to follow Rooney if he gets excited about anything... because if Rooney's excited it usually means he's about to be fed.... he'll even copy Rooney when he sits on command.    They often play wrestle together which helps get rid of some of the huge amount of energy this little fucker has.  Unlike my other cats, getting fixed did not change one thing about his energy level.   Corky's main habbit is grunting..  I don't know why he makes noises, but somehow he knows that cats meow, and he tries.  But what comes out is more of a high pitch grunt than anything.  He does it every time he gets excited, starts running, gets pet, get's woken up, jumps, sees something he wants, anything.  You can always count on his grunting.  The funniest shit he does is what me and Rob like to call "crazy head".  Its a reflex that goes off when he attacks stuff.... like his own shadow.  He'll lay on his side and start whipping his head side to side really fast.  He looks like a shook up bobble head toy.    Now he's about a year old, according to the vet,  his blue eyes will stay like that, and he will remain the same size as he was when he was 6 months old. He weighs about 5 lbs, but can still hold is own against the 25lb Rooney.   It's so funny... Corky tries to push him over, and Rooney just stands there and looks at him.  Their relationship is much like the ones in cartoons where there's a big tough lazy dog, and a little yappy fucker who's always looking for something fun to do.   His favourite toys are half of those plastic easter eggs that the easter bunny fills with shit like jelly beans and chocolates.  Sometimes he'll pick them up in his mouth, and it will cover his nose and most of his face.  It's the cutest thing. Same as when he gets a hold of the Temptation treat bag.  He's a little theif, and will often grab it and run off... only thing is that the bag is too big and makes it so he can't see... so in a desperate attempt to run and hide his loot, he'll run right into shit.  

Sorry if I bored anyone who doesn't like cats with this blog.  I wanted to share this because my cats are a big part of my life, as crazy as that may be. I'm going to post pictures and videos later on for anyone who wants to see.

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