The Separation of Church and State

Let me make it clear,  this is not about religion in a spiritual sense. It has nothing directly to do with Christianity, Islam, Buddhists or Ghia.  It is about trying to define what is "Church" and what is "State" putting aside the religiosity.  In some ways this separation is more commonly recognized as  beliefs, daily rituals, morality and your associations with other, compared to how and by which means you enact your day to day life within a system commonly agreed upon.

People are naturally drawn to each other based on common ideas, environments, challenges and understandings. This to me is "the Church". Together they build infrastructure, laws, processes of dispute resolution, common or publicly recognized institutions. This is the "State".

To put it simply, the Church is the hearts and minds, what ever that may be, the State the walls and defensive's. This distinction is the important principal between Church and State. It does not matter what  religious beliefs any society takes part in or what Church they build. It matters not the rituals, dates of celebration or distinctions between any man or any woman.

The "Church" must build it's walls strong, without sentiment, without empathy, for it to survive. For if they do not, commonly held ideas, a way of life, our essence will be eliminated. That is the end of the State!

The State and the Church are both held together and torn apart in unison. 


For those who are unfamiliar with Ghia.

Uploaded 10/05/2011
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